Please join us in supporting John D'Agostini in his re-election for El Dorado County Sheriff

A message from John:



It has been and continues to be an honor to serve as your Sheriff.  It is a role that I carry out daily with humility, respect and enthusiasm. 


As your Sheriff, I ensure the agency provides effective and responsive law enforcement services to the community.  Under my direction, the agency will continue to build partnerships throughout the community while focusing on my “Total Policing” Strategy which is the vision statement of our agency:


A Modern Approach to Traditional Law Enforcement Values

Total Enforcement on Crime and Criminals

Total Care for Victims, Witnesses and the Community

Total Professionalism through Training and by Example


I am committed to providing proactive law enforcement efforts through early intervention and prevention with an ongoing effort to combat illegal drugs and gangs.


As your Sheriff I will continue to be visible, accountable and engaged.  I hold my family values, ethical principles and morals in the highest regard and will always strive to do what’s right for the right reasons. 


I look forward to my re-election campaign in 2014. I appreciate your support and look forward to serving into the future as your Sheriff.


In Service,

Your Sheriff,

John D’Agostini

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